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Video and Interview with show host Edel Howlin

LAUGHTER YOGA INTRO: This is a great short 2 min. video that demonstrates a few of the Laughter Yoga breathing movement exercises that I teach to many special needs groups in Houston, and at my public classes. Please feel free to share the video.

"Lainie Diamond brought Laughter Yoga to Houston after taking a class in New York for the first time. She works with adults who have special needs, veterans at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center and seniors with dementia and Parkinson’s disease."

HOUSTONIA MAGAZINE, by Marianella Orlando :


"In laughter yoga, you can improve physical and mental health by laughing for no reason, and playing like a child. Plus, you don’t even a mat... The class, held at the Heights Public Library, continues with still more exercises: riding a roller coaster, squatting like a sumo wrestler, flying through the sky like a bird, channeling Snow White’s evil queen, dancing to U2’s “Mysterious Ways," and, most importantly, belting out chants of “ho ho ha ha ha" while clapping..."



Belly Laughs Beat the Blues–and More!
by Marye Audet

“Laughter is the best medicine:" It’s an old adage that has been floating around for decades, but have you ever wondered if getting more laughter in your life could make a difference in your mental, emotional, and physical health?

It’s interesting to note that children laugh an average of 500 times a day while adults are lucky if they manage five good guffaws. Traffic jams, tight budgets, and work deadlines are only a few of the evils of modern society that will suck the giggle right out of you. The problem is that not only does all that stress weaken your sense of humor, it also weakens your immune system, makes you more prone to depression, and increases your grumpiness..."

01.03.15THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE article by Allen Jones is here

Great article in the 'Heights Zone' of the Houston Chronicle by Allen Jones.

12.01.14BRIGID'S PLACE, HOUSTON: December 2014 'Women of real beauty series'

Real beauty is on the inside! Thank you to Lauren Santerre and Brigid’s Place, Houston for inviting me to be a part of this group of women- for December’s ‘Women of Beauty’ series celebrating women.

Go to their upcoming interfaith events including "Holiday Shopping," “St. Brigid’s Annual Feast Day" and “Easter In Memory of Her"~ you will be inspired!

Brigid’s Place Houston’s Mission: “Provides education, dialogue and celebrations that foster the personal and spiritual transformation of women."


09.09.14BAYOU CITY MAGAZINE article-video and Online article by Julie Osterman

"Laughter Yoga with The Jung Center, Heights Neighborhood Library & more"

A great magazine article and 'augmented reality page' in the shelf magazine, and a wonderful online article here: by Julie Osterman for Bayou City Magazine.

01.09.14GREAT DAY HOUSTON! (Live) with Courtney Perna reporting on Houston Laughter Yoga

GREAT DAY HOUSTON, KHOU 11 (Live): Courtney Perna reporting on Houston Laughter Yoga. Lainie talks about Laughter Yoga for Everyone and the health benefits with participants from her public classes at The HPL and The Jung Center :) ! Click link here below or 'LAUGHTER YOGA VIDEO' link:

07.13.13THE CULTUREMAP HOUSTON article is here, by Julie Knutson. 7/13/13:

Launch the Online Interview article here: “This is for all people"...“Laughter Yoga is designed for all professions, all backgrounds, all ages, all abilities . . ."

Click 'Launch related site' below:

Culturemap 'City Life' section~

08.05.11THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE article is here: "Laughing your way to good Health"

by Lana Berkowitz. Laughter Yoga is in Houston and for people of all backgrounds!...

Newsprint and Launch the Online Link here:

08.04.11My Laughter Yoga story is on the news page of Laughter Yoga International website:

My Laughter Yoga life changing story~ "Unconditional Joy: "Life is too short, to laugh too little" is up on the Laughter Yoga International english testimonials page as "Opera Singer learns "Life is too short to laugh too little":


I hope you will be inspired to 'laugh and breathe' for your Health! Launch Link Here:

07.13.11HOUSTON, WE HAVE LAUGHTER! is featured on the front page of THE HOUSTON BANNER NEWSPAPER July 2011 issue :)

THE HOUSTON BANNER article about Houston, we have Laughter!
Thank you to the Houston Banner and The Houston Chronicle for introducing more people in Houston to this Fun and Therapeutic form of Laughter Yoga.

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06.10.11HOUSTON, WE HAVE LAUGHTER! In the June 2011 issue of Competitor Running Magazine

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03.29.11“Laughter Yoga in Houston, TX Laugh, Reduce Stress, and Exercise for Free” by writer Bobbi Leder

This is a great article by writer Bobbi Leder about my new Laughter Yoga group in Houston! Please click on the link below to read:

Associated Content from Yahoo! News article about “Houston, we have Laughter!" Laughter Yoga group: